SETAC Medical Team:

SETAC has Registered and Enrolled Nurses who provide General Clinical & Health Checks, Quit Smoking Support, Integrated Team Care (Chronic Health Illnesses), Nail Care, Health Advice & Education, and Transport.

Visiting Health Professionals:

Visiting Health Professionals CygnetGeevestonDover
Family Planning TAS NurseFortnightlyWayraparattee 


PodiatryMonthlyMedical Centre
Bi Monthly
Bi Monthly
Remedial MassageMonthlyWayraparattee


Hearing Australia
DieticianAs per calendar 






Weekly, Mondays:
Men’s Classes: 10:00am – 11:00am
Women’s Classes: 11:00am – 12:00pm
Fitness Instructor

: Fitness Session – 4:30pm—5:30pm
Monday: Men’s Fitness Session – 5:30pm—6:30pm
Wednesday: Fitness Session – 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Thursday: Fitness Session – 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Friday: Elders Mobility Class – 11:00am – 11:40am

Family Planning Tasmania:

This programs runs on Fridays and is open to everyone (non-Indigenous included).
 FPT NURSE  –  Every Fortnight  1:00pm – 3:45pm

Services Available Include:

  • Pap Screening & Breast Checks
  • Contraceptive Advice & Options
  • Implanon Insertion/Removal
  • Pregnancy Testing & Counselling
  • Menopause & Fertility Counselling
  • Mens & Womens Sexual Health Issues
  • STI Screening and Treatment
  • FREE Contraception for Under 25’s


Integrated Team Care (ITC) Programmes:

Integrated Team Care (ITC) is a service to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have chronic disease to look after their health. This program will provide you with a Care Co-ordinator who will work closer with you, your GP and other Community Services to help you use the range of services you need. The services of the Care
Co-ordinator provided through this program are free.

SETAC also provides ITC clients with transport to health related appointments.

This program is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who:

  • Have a chronic disease,
  • Have a referral and care plan, this will be done by your GP.

Your Care Co-ordinator is a health worker who can help you:

  • Understand your illness and follow your care plan,
  • Arrange your appointments,
  • Arrange transport to appointments,
  • Arrange the community based services you need.


Alcohol & Other Drugs Programmes:

The Rullanih Teggana Project

Rullanih Teggana is Melukerdee for ‘Strong Heart’

The Project aims to prevent harm from substance misuse and restore pride and connection to self, family, and community.

Rullanih Teggana offers:

  • Wholistic Wellbeing Service for those affected by their own drug or alcohol use, supported by workers from SETAC, Holyoake, Anglicare and Cygnet Family Practice.
  • Support for those affected by other’s drug or alcohol use, including parents, children, partners and carers.
  • Strong Hearts for Recovery project collecting stories of Recovery from local Aboriginal people.

To be part of the Rullanih Reggana Project or to find out more information, please contact the Aboriginal alcohol and other drug worker at SETAC. The Rullanih Teggana Project is coordinated by SETAC, with support from Cygnet Family Practice, Holyoake, and Anglicare.

The Rullanih Teggana Project aims to ensure you are being listened to, and your matters are kept private and confidential. The Rullanih Teggana team work with you and your family to support the changes you want in your life.


SETAC also provides Counselling & Support Services including:

  • Individual
  • Relationship
  • Family
  • Domestic Violence
  • Grief & Loss
  • Drug & Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Suicide
  • Quit Smoking Assistance


Australian Hearing:

Australian Hearing visits SETAC every month and provides FREE hearing care and hearing aids to: 

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders aged over 50.
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children and young people aged up to 26. (Children from 4 years & under will need to attend Australian Hearing Hobart Clinic).
  • Any Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders who are eligible for a Centrelink pension.

Please note: You will need to complete a Eligibility Form which will be sent directly to Australian Hearing. Australian Hearing will then call you and book an appointment for you at the SETAC Primary Health Care & Well-being Centre.



7393 Channel Hwy, Cygnet TAS 7112


(03) 6295 1125
(03) 6295 0752

oura oura House

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19 Mary St, Cygnet, TAS, 7112

Cygnet Primary Health Centre

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Kingston Outreach Centre

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